Sunday, May 24, 2009

One of those moments...

So I was sitting on the train the other day, on my way to Ossian and Steve's house on the south coast, listening to my i-pod. 

Although I am getting better at replacing the sad songs on my i-pod with happier ones, sometimes the happy ones make me cry too - I'm weird, because it's not normally sad things that make me cry but rather, things that suggest a divine presence is here with me - I can't put it better than that...

Anyway I was listening to a record of Tibetan chanting called Rain of Blessings by Lama Gyurme, and thinking how it would be great to finish my THBC show with one of those, if I dare sing (!) and was in floods of tears (see above). 

Sitting opposite me was a couple in their 50's - she, rather dowdily dressed with half-moon glasses and a book, he professor-ish, concentrating on his Blackberry. The train pulled into Lewes (a town known for its oddness and outsider cultural traditions) and the couple got up to leave. 

As they passed me the lady tapped me on the shoulder and said something which I didn't hear because of the ear-buds, so I took them out and looked up at her with a "sorry?"

She said "Cheer up!" in a friendly way. I muttered something like "no no I'm fine - Happy tears"... 

The woman smiled and turned to leave the train, and it was then I realized it was Meryl Streep!

Thursday, May 21, 2009