Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scorpio Matter Arising

By Chance (if you believe in it) my current sojourn in Europe reaches a climax on November 7th with my chance to visit Ian Johnstone's exhibition of drawings and other art at London's Horse Hospital - see here which I am greatly looking forward to. You will remember Ian's excellent and visionary art for most "late period" Coil albums. Not to be missed if you can get to London... (till November 7th.

This follows a series of 3 remaining TG shows in Prague, Bologna, and Oporto. See here for details of venues, tickets, times etc. Hopefully we will get it together to record these shows and make one or more available by download (see the TG website in a week or so). Our recording of the first show failed prematurely unfortunately - possibly the result of levels of fluctuating air-pressure more often found in pressure vessels such as submarines, aircraft, and elevators, after suffering profound systems failure!

And I though Black Sabbath were loud! ;-) fuck me!

N.B. (please use equal emphasis on both these last two words, unless you are hot, male, & Thai in which case lay the stress where you like... LOL...) Sorry I've been away from "the compound" a week now!

Luckily there are a few t-shirts available from the London Village Underground TG show, so even if you could not make the event, you can still get the unique souvenir! Go quickly to the TG store site, where the remaining stock is being sold off.

Despite the immense volume, most people loved the show, describing it as Chamber Music for the Coming Hard Times.

 Dark clouds having silver linings, even more impressive, than pink fluffy ones, after all!

unkle sleazy


DIL23 said...

Brilliant gig in London (very much overused - but) AWESOME!

Shame about the recording - not surprised it gave up - prolly checked it's specs and went "fuck that - I don't deal with those freqs!!!"

Shame you didn't blog about Ian's exhibition earlier had a few free hours in London before the show, would have been good to check it out.

Oh - and could you do a little blog-piece about the equipment **YOU** were using - it looked fascinating/futuristic/bizarre ;-)

All the best & Thank You (& all ov TG & crew too)


GEØ! said...

Wish I could have been there. The clip I viewed sounded AWESOME! Your gadgets looked seriously unique as well. Much love,

St. Anthony said...

Volume not a problem ... thought the performance was wonderful.
Yes, I'd love to read about the equipment.
Could it really be the last ever TG show?
Going out on a high note for sure. After these few dates, will X-TG be a going concern? Hope so.

Anonymous said...

The gadgets and instruments on your table; definitely impressive and inpsiring curiosity as to what exactly is going on there (15 years of instrument building leaves on that way)

Ok. Hot? Check. Male (lemme see here..) yes, still there. Check. Thai? DOH. grrrrr...