Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I am going to try to keep this blog up to date, notwithstanding the extra half hour or so a day it may take. This is not so much to keep people officially informed about my work; you should check out

www.myspace.com/soisong and www.myspace.com/thresholdhouse for that...

but just as a kind of diary to remind myself what I was thinking/doing, day by day, as well as hopefully saving time duplicating news mails to my many friends who care (which already takes hours a day). Please do not mind that others are reading the same stuff, it IS still addressed to you personally, if I have given you the link to this page.

I will attempt not to write anything too incriminating, but please regard anything herein as privileged information, not intended for Pop-Bitch or the Sun, unless I die with my head down the toilet or similar, in which case, be my guest!


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