Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Very Big Plane

A Very Big Plane
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BTW sitting at Narita I saw, for the first time, the Airbus A-380, which as you may know is a 'double-decker' throughout. Its absolutely huge!

To be honest I cannot understand how its possible to lift its immense weight, esp when fully laden to 36,000 ft and since any technology that is incomprehensible may reasonably regarded as magic, my question is this:

Are those big buildings one sees around the edge of airports actually housing huge factory chicken farms to provide sufficient unfortunate beasts to be sacrificed in rituals in the hold, as the planes trundle along the runway; thereby causing satisfactory lift-off??? ,-)

We should be told!

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chriscarter said...

They want you to think it's done with magic (or Magick?) but really it's all done with mirrors and hypnosis (or Hipgnosis?).