Sunday, December 7, 2008

Years May Come and Years May Go

Ivan arrived safely at the Compound yesterday, to finish tweaking the new SoiSong album, which I have probably already said is wonderful, and to work on our new live show, which will go in so many new directions, I can hardly imagine...

So I probably won't have time to update this blog till Christmas, unless something funny happens.

He pointed out that in my last blog I wrote that 1984 was 14 years ago, and now you mention it that does seem slightly out ,-) but I blame my fingers rather than my mind - so easy to type 14 when you mean....  errrr... right.... 24!

What me senile? Where am I? Have I been t tis planet bepore? :) 

1 comment:

thujone said...

I am pretty certain that album is going to be a classic! Regards to Ivan.
Give me a shout if and when you sent something ;-)
The pre-X-mas post service is a nightmare