Thursday, December 4, 2008

X before I encouraged him to get famous/crazy ,-)

This is X soon after I first met him. I think we was about 20 then.

BTW I feel like I'm walking a fine line with this blog between opening my heart and home to you guys...  (which I regard as a good thing - in these days of everybody-knowing-everything-immediately, there really isn't much Mystery any more, just a 'knowledge-transmission-breakdown') 
...However I AM conscious that on the screen, rather than in person, some of my revelations, if I'm not careful, might be taken the wrong way, or get me (or someone I love) into trouble.

If you are shocked or made uncomfortable, by any of my blogs, or think anything I've written too dangerous to say...

[After all 1984 WAS 14 years ago, already, and things haven't got better in those 14 years - It turns my stomach that in the UK now, even a kid's drawing of his little brother or sister if they're not wearing clothes, could send both the parents AND the kid to prison! What on earth are they thinking?]

...please write to me immediately and I will take it down.

This blog is about Openness and complete Honesty - which you may have realised was what Coil was about too - NOT Incarceration.

Luv2all :)

PS I'm starting to get why the Dalai Lama smiles all the time :)


ghoul said...

I don't think you're walking the fine line Sleaze, not yet anyway and then you've got a fair way to go!
Enjoy yourself here, that's what it's all about and I'm sure you have the sage wisdom of when to hit the back/delete button before you post anyways.

chriscarter said...

Maybe not so much fine lines but blurred grey areas.
I guess if one subscribes to the Daily Hell (sorry Mail) mantra that anything/everything remotely techie/internet (incl blogs) and/or 'foreign' is the end of civilized society, the cause of all our ills and the ruin of 'children' everywhere then we are seriously fucked.
But relatively speaking I think we (like-minded friends, fans and acquaintances) are a fair way under the radar in this respect.
Let it flow, who needs therapists anyway....

Prince Marolo said...

Was the picture taken down? Would love to see it