Tuesday, December 23, 2008

SoiSong in BKK Dec08

SoiSong in BKK Dec08
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So Ivan went home yesterday after an intense couple of weeks completing principle recording and design of the the new SoiSong album called xAj3z. It is a fantastic piece of work, even though I say so myself, and I am looking forward to hearing people's reaction. I really hope they love it as much as I do.

My main task now is to try and come up with moving images that not only compliment the (strange) music, but also can be juggled in a live setting to produce new and interesting variations.

No wallpaper or eye-candy for SoiSong, if at all possible ,-)

...but I guess that will have to wait for few days - My mind is on turkey and stuffing (or should that be "being stuffed" ,-) xxx


ghoul said...

To quote Mr. Jenx on the new Soisong... "it's like 1950's Miles Davis being contacted by an extra terrestrial medium".
I can't wait to hear it!
Good luck with the moving images, I know how involved that process can be.


Beloved Uncle, a big part of me lives to hear new SoiSong... Jam Talay Say is now sacred thing to me (O:

I Wish You The Very Best!

Anonymous said...

hi sleazy

i really like the soisong ep (but it took me two yellow wines to unfold it)looking foward to the next one

love, alex

Anonymous said...


sorr for knocking on your invisible door again

but i just my copy of the threshold houseboys choir amulet

'ikoreek' is so beautifull, thank you and 'lowly low' has a voice

your music pushes my shoulder

love, alex,x

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter! By some strange coincidence while searching for something completely different I stumbled upon your blog. Please take a minute to check out my own, I linked to yours. Hope all is well and that we'll be in touch soon!

All the best from Olav Hagen